First Day on the Field in Ghana

Investigation into hybrid forms of infrastructure delivery can only be exhausted if the researchers live with and speak to the people who are directly involved in these infrastructures; water and mobility. For this reason, to begin the field survey, Pearl Puwurayire, arrived in Sunyani, Ghana on Sunyani 7th May, 2022. To integrate more easily into the city, it was imperative for her to consult Dr. Akudugu, the Dean for the planning school in University of Energy and Natural Resources – Sunyani and engage the services of a research assistant, Nathaniel, with whom they took a trip to take a look at the tentative study areas by moving through the nook and cranny of the various areas; looking out for the first impression of the water points, water vendors, stand pipes, tanks, roads and transport services. Few conversations were held with dwellers of the residents during the short expedition for the purpose of building rapport and having a fair understanding of their interpretation of translated words in the interview guide.

Generally, the reception by members of the community were was very warm. The team was able to decided which neighbourhood fitted best into the criteria of the Project. In the end, it was agreed that ´Kotorkrom´, ´Baakoniaba´ and ´Berlin top´ were the most suitable places for the study.

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