A Month in Sunyani; Field works and a bit more 

After Pearl´s first day of exploration in the various study areas, it was key for her to build a relationship with members of the community, their traditional leaders, opinion leaders and experts in the Municipal Assembly (Sunyani West Municipal Assembly and Sunyani Municipal Assembly) as well as experts in Ghana Water Company. To be allowed to enter a suburb for official purpose, it was important for the team to formally visit the Traditional Leaders of Baakoniaba and Berlin Top and the locally elected opinion leaders to inform them about our presence in their neighborhood. This act, technically known as community entry, was done to show respect to the elders of the community as well as serve as a safety measure for the team members since acceptance from the elders can be directly translated as acceptance from the residents of the community thus community members being more opened to team members. The team also went to the offices of all the experts that will be needed in the course of the study. Two weeks after being in Sunyani, Pearl had to visit Nairobi-Kenya for a workshop on African Cities in which she had a presentation on informal water vendors. Returning in the last week of the month, Pearl with the assistance of the research assistant began interviews with households as well as water vendors and taxi drivers.

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