The struggle for land titles: Protest march of the people of Peregrinos de Chapi

The residents of Peregrinos de Chapi (but also in our other neighbourhoods) have as their goal the formalisation of ownership in their neighbourhood. Property titles do not only mean more security for the residents regarding their land and the buildings erected on it, but also strengthen the claim to infrastructure services such as water and electricity. They thus represent a central tool for the formalisation of the pueblos jovenes. To demand their land titles, the president of the association organised a protest march in the centre of Arequipa. The route led past the office of the state registration authority and the headquarters of the Arequipa regional administration. Talks were held with employees at both institutions and documents were handed in, and an employee of the administration also addressed a few words to the protesters. The protest ended at the Plaza de Armas, the central square in the city centre. Here, all participants signed up on lists to document their participation.

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