Hybrid Constellations in Practise: Sundays “faenas” in Arequipa

In the “pueblos jovenes” there are often neighbourhood meetings organised by the presidents of the associations on Sundays. The neighbours also meet there to work on the development of the local infrastructures themselves. According to the associations’ statutes, non-participation is subject to a penalty fee for neighbours. We have taken part in many of these meetings, conducted interviews there, documented ourselves with photos or had the neighbours take pictures for the project. We also helped out ourselves and had people explain to us how auto-construction works in the different contexts of the neighbourhoods.

Angeles de la Cruz- in hilly Sachaca, residents are busy constructing 2 central connecting roads at different elevation levels. The building material is cut out of the hill directly on site, the resulting free flat areas are already planned as plots for further residential houses. These projects will continue for several months until the first cars can drive on the roads. It is unclear when the government will take over the tarring and the installation of professional protection on the sides of the roads.

Casa Huerta de las Lomas del Cural – Here, the first steps towards the design of the central square are being taken by the residents. The municipality has provided several hundred trees, each resident plants four of these trees him- or herself and is subsequently also responsible for the care and watering of these trees.

Sector 10 in Peregrinos de Chapi – this is also part of the activities at the neighbourhood gatherings. On the central square in Sector 10, neighbours meet on Sunday afternoons after the meeting and play volleyball together. The neighbours would like playground equipment for the neighbouring open space so that their children also have something to do within sight. At the moment, the management of Sector 10 is looking for funding options for this; municipal or government funding options are not known to those responsible.

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