Exploring our neighborhoods in Arequipa

The conclusion of the first exploratory phase in the field research in Arequipa was the final selection of three neighborhoods in the north, west and south of the city. All three neighborhoods are united by their relatively young age of 15-25 years and the construction activity of current and future residents. The neighborhoods are organized as “asociaciones” and the neighbors elect a president every two years. This president, in turn, has a varying amount of personnel and material resources at his disposal. This administrative apparatus is financed by contributions from the residents. Through the support of the three presidents of the neighborhoods, it has already been possible to gather a lot of information and establish contacts with the residents. We have completed many field visits and observed a wide variety of forms of infrastructure provision and the underlying processes of their social and material production.

In the next phase of the field research, we will conduct on-site interviews with many residents to focus on their perspectives on the development of their neighborhoods and, in particular, their use of water and mobility. In addition to the semi-structured interviews, some residents will be asked to take photos of their perspective on their neighborhood in order to capture key places and developments for them.

Angeles de la Cruz is located in the west of the center of Arequipa in the district of Sachaca. Buildings are constructed on a hill surrounded by agricultrual land.

Peregrinos de Chapi is located in the south of Arequipa Center in the district of Quequeña. The association covers a lot of land and is divided into 10 sectors. We conduct our fieldwork in sector 10, the newest of them.

Casa Huerta las Lomas de Cural in the north of Arequipa is located in the district of Cerro Colorado which is often described as the arrival area for many immigrants coming from other regions in Peru, mostly north of Arequipa.

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