First impressions from fieldwork in Arequipa

Christian Rosen’s field research in Arequipa, Peru, began on 2 April. For a total of three months, he will be researching hybrid forms of urban development in various parts of the city using the concept of delivery configurations of the infrastructures water and mobility. The first two weeks are dedicated to explorative work. This includes visits to many different neighbourhoods, including initial discussions with residents, discussions with researchers from local universities and initial interviews with other local experts. The aim is to review the case selection already prepared in advance and to determine a suitable procedure for the following phase of on-site field research in the neighbourhoods.

First impressions from two city districts:

Consolidated neighbourhoods in Sachaca next to agricultural areas

New developments of high price housing on former agricultural lands in Sachaca

Land of a housing association in Cerro Colorado being protected by a wall. Multiple housing projects being constructed inside.

Water supply for the surrounding houses in Cerro Colorado

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